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    Well I agree with some other posters that Davros was superbly played - pitch-perfect whoever that guys was under all the makeup.

    But I'm confused... there has been all this build up about Donna being special, about how she has been destined to meet the doctor again and all that. But how exactly was she special? Surely anyone could have touched the Doctor's hand and done the whole "crisis" regeneration thingy? And in any case, what was pusing them back together "for a reason" - fate? I really didn't get it, and the explanation passed over in a millisecond and didn't seem to explain anything.

    And sweet jesus, just *how* much technobabble was there in that episode?

    And was anyone else just slightly uncomfortable with the "Exterminieren!" Daleks? Rather disturbing Nazi holocaust undertones.

    And what's the betting that "Foster and Allen key" 27 nukes thing pops up in Torchwood at some point...
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