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    going through wiki's list of episodes I'm surprised at the amount I thought were alright actually.


    The Unquiet Dead*
    Father's Day
    The Empty Child** / The Doctor Dances*
    Tooth and Claw*
    The Girl in the Fireplace*
    The Impossible Planet* / The Satan Pit
    Smith and Jones
    Human Nature** / The Family of Blood*
    Voyage of the Damned*
    The Unicorn and the Wasp^
    Silence in the Library* / Forest of the Dead
    Turn Left
    The Waters of Mars~

    * good episodes of what all Doctor Who should be up to
    ** brilliant episodes too good to hope for more than every now and then
    " well - it saved Doctor Who, introduced some nice things, had good fan service and apart from the daft plastic T-1000 Mickey moments it was good.
    ~ good concepts and mostly well done RTD episodes slightly ruined by using SHOUTING and running around in place of drama and tension.
    ^ er - I liked the Agatha Christie / giant wasp one even though no other human beings seem to've
    The rest are decent solid enough episodes that don't let the side down.
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