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    Well that seemed pretty darned good. Shame I couldn't hear any of the dialog thanks to MURRAY GOLD!!!!

    Really? The music was well toned down this week.

    Excellent ep too.


    'Fraid so, I couldn't hear anything apart from that idiot's horrendous cues. I am in fact going to watch it again on i-player. For some reason GOLD seems quieter and you can actually hear what the actor's are saying. To be fair at this moment in time I really haven't got much of a clue to what the hell was happening in the episode.

    I'm still mystified that no one in the BEEB has actually picked up on how loud GOLD is. Apart from the fact that most of his cue's are totally inappropriate to what is actually occuring on screen.

    I dunno. Besides, apart from Gold's large use of trumpets and stuff it's not actually his fault his music is too loud in the mix. Blame the sound editors for that.
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