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    TOOTR wrote:

    I really don't find River Song/Alex Kingston attractive - there's something 'mannish' about her - I can't really tell why. Does she float anyone else's boat?

    I don't think the River actress is attractive either and when they started to build up the relationship between River and the Dr I was a bit confussed as to why they had picked her out of all the sexy minxy companions the Dr has had over the years. But... you have to give her her dues, as the flirting and tormenting has progressed I really do think she has something. They have cast her spot on. It would have been all too easy to cast a hottie and ended up missing that playful raw edge to confound the Dr with!

    And Karen Gillian is a 5'11" red head with legs that go all the way up! How could anyone not like her!?

    There hasn't been any good eye candie yet this season, just saying...
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