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    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    hiddenranbir wrote:
    Was just watching some old Tennant stuff....I can't believe he was seen as a good doctor.

    Sorry I disagree. I think he made a good job of some very poor stories as well making the most of the better ones. I think he started badly but grew into it, sadly just as he got better the episodes got worse.

    Ironically, I think Tennant's best performance came from one of his worst written episodes. The bit in End of Time, where he talks to Bernard Cribbins for about 10 minutes about how regeneration scares him, and how he didn't feel it was his time to go was excellent. Then they ballsed it up by making the climactic ending him with a gun, supposedly having to kill either the Master or some timelords, and he shoots a machine and everything's fine.

    Hmm, 18 months old, spoilers are probably redundant now, aren't they?
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