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    I dunno. There's been two amy ponds in the Tardis before, actually, albeit only in the Comic relief shorts.

    Amy actually touched her past self in The Big Bang (when Amelia let Amy out of The Pandorica). Granted, it was from a different timeline but under the ''rules'' of Doctor Who that should have caused a temporal short-out.

    The excuse was the universe was fairly screwed up at that point so he could get away with things he couldn't otherwise ordinarily do.

    But maybe the point was that the Tardis couldn't contain two Amys from two different timestreams (this episode) but it can manage with two Amys from the same timestream (Comic Relief).

    Hell, why am I even analysing this, they make it up as they go along.

    I think it was because those two Amys couldenīt exist at the same time. By putting young Amy in the Tardis they would have resued her, meaning old Amy could not exist. Thatīs a paradox.
    Where in other cases it was simply past and future versions of the same person that do not contradict each other.

    And nobody really believes Amy and Rory are living happily ever after? Either they get bored and contact the Doctor or it turns out that there is a problem only they can solve so the Doctor goes after them.
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