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    He feels compelled to save everyone/thing, including the fish because he's so guilty about so many people dying around him?

    Funny how the Tardis' translator thingy suddenly packed up even though it was right next to them the whole time so they couldn't hear the Minotaur. And how the humans in the hotel could talk to Tibbis, even before the Tardis arrived. Oops, over analysing again.

    I think this episode was basically a way to dump Amy and Rory due to BBC madness. Poor Moffat, his long-thought-out story arc is being cut to shreds. I bet he thought he'd have had at least as many series as RTD to play about with and he could get much more out of them than RTD ever did.

    By the way, if you watched the 'coming next...' bit, we see the Doctor in a long coat again. Maybe it is something clever.

    By the way, I think his worst fear was the responsibility's got over the universe and his fear of screwing it up (we heard the Tardis' paradox bell rigning).
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