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    darkmorgado wrote:
    Erm, what? They haven't been sacked.

    The story arc necessitates that he leaves them at some point in order to set up the event we saw at the beginning of the series.

    At the beginning of this series they were already four months (I think) apart without anyone leaving the show and I shouldn't really have to point out that Rory and Amy aren't going to carry on with him for 200 years. My point was the sudden abruptness of their leaving for no good reason when it's really not needed yet coupled with the rumours of BBC madness posted above.

    He's always going to have a companion or two despite his sudden realisation that they all end up dead (which they don't), unless the show is going to go in completely a new direction sort of like Columbo with a special guest star each week. Who knows, it might do with no-name actors to save on budget.
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