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    Liked the dad/baby jokes and the one about why the Doctor always brings a human with him and the 'app for that', but the need to wrap it up in one episode spoiled it, as with a couple of others in this series because the set up was too long but the resolution too short (or in one of the other episodes the set up was too short and the resolution too long).

    The last time we saw the Cybermen one of them got emotional ("for Queen and Country") and the rest didn't go crazy, but I suppose we can let them get away with that because they weren't up to full power and running on spare parts.

    But it's funny how the last time the conversion process involved people getting their heads cut off and this time it didn't and how the ships' shielding protected the town from the explosion yet the council managed to lay a few cables and bring a dormant Cybermat inside the ship to life. Oops, over analysing.

    Also at the end of A Good Man Goes to War, now it looks like River was telling the Doctor both that she was Amy and Rory's daughter and that she will kill him (from his timeline)/has killed him (from her timeline).
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