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    mal wrote:
    By the way, regarding the Cyberman genesis and whether they should get their heads cut off or not, I prefer this way. It fits better with the traditional Cyberman story of a race of humanoids who replaced bits of themselves bit by bit. Apparently, the cyberman head in The Pandorica Opens contained a full skull as well, though I had to wiki that. Note also, these Cyberman didn't have the Cybus Industries logos on them, so they could be Cybermen from the original series, not the ones from the parallel universe, although it looked to me like they had ripped out the logos, so perhaps that's overly wishful thinking on my part.

    I was obsessive enough to Google it and none of the Cyberman designs with Matt Smith in have never had a Cybus Industries logo on them, just a raised circle (or a circle with wires hanging out in the latest episode). The only ones that have have been in the Tennant episodes where he was in a parallel universe and the two times when the Cybermen from the parallel universe got through to this one. So I suppose that's that sorted then.
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