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    xandaca wrote:
    kingcrowbar wrote:
    Did we ever find out why there were cracks in the universe and why the tardis explodes?

    Also if it was a robot, why did 'he' start to regenerate?

    I'm seriously praying that Moffat is going to be revisiting the regeneration question, because it's such a blatant flaw in the explanation that surely it has to be intentional. All the other stuff glossed over in that episode does make me worry, though.

    And why couldn't he regenerate before, it was mentioned twice in this series that he couldn't regenerate but not why. On top of the unanswered questions about the crack in the universe and why the Tardis blew up.

    I think the point was the Doctor had to be there at that point in time because there were several witnesses that saw him there and that couldn't be changed. The fact that all of them thought that he died there was something else.

    Although, admit it, we were all thinking of The Flesh at Lake Silencio and it was the Teselecta although if we saw the Doctor lurching around as the Teselecta did in Let's Kill Hitler it might have been a bit of a give away. Not entirely fair, that. Also the same goes for the difference between silence will fall (the Doctor's silence at lake Utah), Silence will fall (at the fields of Trenzalore where he'll answer the question that will make the Silence fall), and the Silence/Silents.

    All a bit too clever. If he's going to be that clever then the "fall of the Eleventh" will probably mean 11 o'clock in the morning, not the Doctor dying and regenerating.
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