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    Was the Waters of Mars a fixed historical event? I.e. if it were changed then would the people who witness it change their timelines in such a way that would mess up time/reality.

    The witnesses had to see his (simulated) death and carry doing what they were supposed to do in their own timelines otherwise time would start to go funny as it was a fixed point in time. He found out what the witnesses saw at this fixed point in time, now he just needed to think of a way of making them see it without actually dying. That's the idea I got from this.

    Still don't know what's so important about why some events are fixed and some aren't other than as a plot device.

    iokthemonkey wrote:
    I thought they were supposed to be a kind of visual echo of the Tessalactor. That's what I took from it, anyway. Unless there's something less arty-farty and more factual.

    I seem to remember that in one episode he couldn't do the cube and in a later episode he could but I'm not sure if that's supposed to mean anything.
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