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    wobbly_Bob wrote:
    I didn't really like this much. The writing is sloppy, predictable, and makes no sense.

    Ok, so you made a planet and put all the most evil insane darleks in it. Encased the planet in an impenatrable force field ( more on that later ) so they would never get out... And put the switch to open it inside.

    How much fucking sense does that make??? That would be like me building a prison, filling it with dangerous convicts and then putting the key in with them.

    And since it's inside a force field nothing can get in put out of then why would you even need a switch to turn it off? And who is going to turn out off? They are all insane and evil.
    The asylum is supposedly self-running and this wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, unfortunately it went wrong with Oswin spending a year hacking it.

    And if the force field is impenatrable, then how did the ship crash there?
    It broke the force field a bit (a bit weak, that).

    And if they know the location of the transmission, have a way to teleport things down onto the planet then why not just teleport a nuke down there? You don't need the doctor.
    But not enough to let teleports work. The teleport didn't work until the force field was fully turned off at the end. What they did at the start was fall on to the planet through the broken bit of the force field.

    Daleks didn't go down there because they're apparently scared of batshit insane Daleks.

    Daleks are impervious to nukes, they were the survivors of a nuclear war.

    They can't kill the doctor, yet they can find him in time and space and also his companions at the drop of a hat and kidnapp them.
    The Doctor was lured there by leaving him a message (one of those kind of messages River Song uses, etched onto what will later become a museum artefact or leaving it at some important place in time and space that he will visit). Rory and Amy were just picked up at a moment when they weren't under the Doctor's protection.

    Oh and the whole thing of we need these brackets or we turn into darleks... How obvious can you be? It's so freaking obvious one of them is going to lose the bracket.

    I know it's hanging talk around here but I say bring back RTD, all is firgiven... Ok not ALL, but mostly :)
    Well he's only got half a series to play with this time and I suppose a two-parter is out of the question now so he's got to cram everything into 45 minutes.

    nickthegun wrote:
    RichieTenenbaum wrote:
    I thought the transformation only happened on the planet, so once you were off, you were safe
    So how did the daleks convert and extricate their kidnapping minions?
    Presumably they have access to the same technology off the asylum planet, since they built the asylum planet in the first place.
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