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    I could nitpick and pic holes, but I thought it was a solid and fun episode.

    And leaving the genocidal, kidnapping, extorting, (and implied optortunistic molester of Egyption queens) to the fate he was already in at the start of the episode wasn't too out character. Unusual, but as pointed out above, not unprecedented.

    And also nowhere near as cold as the Doctor's genocide of the water vampire things in the Vampires of Venice episode, when he picked humans over them even when the offer of co-existence / other survival options were presented.

    As for seemingly being too happy with himself etc, I think Tennant's Doctor (and even RTD's writing of Ecclestone) where more guilty of that - just combined with exccesive gurning and "hoomans are brilliant" on top.

    Looking forward to Westworld!
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