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    Someone's just pointed out that in a previous episode the Doctor mentioned Rory leaving his phone charger in Henry VIII's bedroom, and this week, they were in Henry VIII's bedroom.
    I also noticed that. It seems we're not seeing things in the "right" order. I'm guessing we wont get proper answers until whenever this series finishes next year. Unless it's something to do with the angels, they send people back in time so they could have done... something
    But it seems like from the intro at the start it sounds like they are simply sat there sometime in the future reminiscing about past adventures with the Doctor and are talking about that time that the Doctor stayed with them for a year, so this episode really takes place any time between the episode where the Doctor first met Rory's Dad till the episode where Henry VIII's bedroom was mentioned.

    As for when they finally leave the Doctor, I thought the Weeping Angels might end up separating Amy from Rory, but that doesn't make much sense as the Doctor could just go and pick them up in the Tardis.

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