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    That wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, quite surprised. The boy wasn't even annoying, although the shitty girl made up for it in spades. Luckily they got them out of the way for the majority of the episode. Although having said that, Clara seemed a bit out of character this week - she didn't even seem remotely concerned about the kids, nor did she seem particularly fazed by the approaching Cyber apocalypse while she was tucking into her cup-o-soup.

    I think my major problem with the Cybers is they still don't seem to DO anything. They just sort of wander around and stand to attention a lot. And given that first one was so fast, why did the others take so long getting into the castle?

    Congrats to Warwick Davis for playing it almost entirely straight, though! Best guest star in... forever.

    Edit: Disappointed that we're getting even more 'comedy Sontaran' next week though. I almost wish they'd brought back the kids.

    /rolls eyes

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