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    Managed to put a decent session into this last night and so far I'm really liking it. Main controls are working really well (advanced, lock-on, free aim), though I'm still finding some of the others a bit fiddly. kept hitting the wrong buttons for things but it is getting better the more I play it.

    The opening section did have some nice bits but agree with the comments that it didn't really feel like Prime until you get away from all that and down to the planets proper.

    GFX are looking nice over component but still in SD. OK it could do with some AA and the textures and effects aren't up to what people are used to these days but the art direction and design of it all makes it look really nice imo. Also, once again they've built a nice solid smooth engine that knows it's limits and keeps a nice high frame rate which imo is more important in a game like this.

    Got to the end of Bryyo last night and had a pretty long battle with that last boss but the run up to that looked fantastic, the game definitely seems to be getting better and better the more I get into to it, so anyone not to enamoured with the opening bits should really stick with it. That boss battle took me ages though, I kept getting down to a flashing energy bar and then mananging to stay alive long enough to fill it back up and have another go at him. Kept pulling it back from the brink and felt great once completed.

    Hopefully I'll complete this one! MP1 I gave up on after taking far to long to kill Ridley and then realising there was another boss straight after that. MP2 I just never really got into, despite liking it, I think I just never really had the time.
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