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    nekotcha wrote:
    That boss at the end of Bryyo was ridiculous. I think it took me nearly an hour in total.

    Elysia was worth it though. :)

    Probably about the same amount of time here tbh.

    groovemeister wrote:
    AnotherMartin wrote:
    Hopefully I'll complete this one! MP1 I gave up on after taking far to long to kill Ridley and then realising there was another boss straight after that.
    Gutted. In MP1 boost balling into Ridley takes away 2/3 of his health. Ad the final boss was easier than him anyway.

    RE the Bryyo boss, it's easier after you've beaten him the first time.

    If you think that's hard you should try the last boss on Hyper difficulty! It's actually really easy on Normal though.

    I did read that about Ridley recently but at the time didn't know that and it was one hell of a bitch to beat, for me at least :( Then finding out there was another boss straight after just did me in and didn't even bother attempting it.

    I did mean to go back to them both and finish them before getting the third, still got both games and my old saves, but never really had the time, now I'm not sure I could go back to the Cube controls after playing with the new Wii ones.

    The Bryyo boss was an odd one as I knew what I had to do but just had a bit of trouble doing it. Didn't find it hard per-say, just a bit of a grind. I think my problem is that I still haven't totaly got my head around the hyper mode, or more specifically how you get it to start the corruption/overload bit so that you can get 'free' hypermode. i just kept getting low on energy tanks because I kept pumping them into hypermode and then had to battle for ages to get enough picks up to get everything back up to where I could have another pop at him. I even managed to get all the scanning in of the differnt forms/stages he goes through.

    I've wimped out a bit this time round as well and am just playing on normal. As these days finishing a game and enjoying it as a whole experience is more important to me that the old hardcore challenge that I used to love.
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