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    Pacey wrote:

    Unfortunately its AOL and I am using a BT Voyager 100 modem.

    Any ideas on this. Can it still be done at allwith any amount of work involved.

    Is a new modem the answer, if so will that leave a big hole in my pocket.

    No suggestions for a recommended web host for now. I'll have a scout around.

    Firstly, with regards to AOL, you're not connecting via your pc which would be running AOL software, so you should be fine as far as that goes.

    The voyager 100 should allow a connection alright. However, most voyager's will give you a strict/moderate Network Address Translation setting, this will still allow you to connect to Live ok but sometimes causes problems in Xbox Live Hosting and Chat to other player's with a strict/moderate NAT setting.

    There is a way to open the NAT setting on the voyager router, it is as follows.

    1) Firstly we need to see what you NAT setting is. So when you're connected to live, you need to go to the System blade on the Dashboard - Network Settings - Test Xbox Live Connection, NAT is the last one on the list. If it is set to open you're fine, you don't have to go any futher. If strict/moderate, follow steps 2 and 3.

    2) Go to System blade on the 360's dashboard - Network settings - Edit Settings, Select the box at the top and input the following settings manually:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

    3) As you need to edit some settings on the voyager you'll need to connect your computer to it. Do that and follow the steps on BT's website:

    Like I said you will be able to connect to Live just fine, regardless of the NAT setting but if you experience problems chatting to your friends or hosting/connecting to other players then you may want to try those steps.

    Dravenclarke, it would be interesting to see what your NAT setting is, just out of interest?
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