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    Wondered if I had ethernet cable and connected it to my broadband modem from my 360 (awaiting delivery) is that all I need to do to use xbox live. (Obviously unplugging the connection from the modem that goes to my pc.)

    Yup, and if you ordered a premium console you'll get an ethernet cable with it.

    That's assuming you're using cable and not dsl. Who's your ISP?

    If cable (NTL, Telewest Blueyonder) you'll be fine, just turn the modem off for about 5 minutes and switch it back on.

    If you're using DSL (BT, AOL etc.) and your modem is a BT Voyager/Thompson it may not be so simple.

    I really have to put a 360 connectivity guide online somewhere, any recommended webhosts?

    Have got DSL here, some obscure internet provider, but can't get connected, says not able to identify ip address, any ideas? Haven't been able to work it out. I want to play halo online, I am very good you see.

    Go to Xbox 360 dashboard, system - network settings - edit settings, make sure that the ip address settings etc. (first box) are all set to automatic.

    You connected direct to the cable modem?

    Turn the modem off for about 10 minutes, turn it on again and reset the console.

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