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    Bot mode with a couple of mates = win in that case, disc.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I dread going into multiplayer if I buy a game that's been out a couple of weeks, because there's going to be assholes who've been pumping insane amounts of time into it and you're playing catch up.

    Then again, it does depend on how you take it. If you don't mind being ritualistically slaughtered and just try to get on with it and take pleasure out of little victories, then I guess it's fun.

    Small victories. :D

    If you're going to take a game online, you can't be terrible at it or you're just going to end up frustrated. You don't have to be awesome either because that would probably mean playing for more time than most of us have to play. I'm content with mediocrity, tbh. As long as I can get a 50/50 k/d ratio, I'm good.

    Thirded :)

    The trouble with KZ2 online though is that it's heavily prejudiced towards dedicated team-players who know the maps inside out, rather than the Rambos who pop in once or twice a week for half-an-hour's fragging. Given that health is at a premium and you can't dodge bullets Halo-style, victory tends to go to whichever side sets itself up behind cover with coordinated fields of fire first. On the Academy map, for instance, a well-organised team can trap a more shambolic one in their base camp for literally the entire round.

    It's still immensely satisfying when you do manage to get a kill, despite the tactical disadvantage, but be prepared to sweat blood for it. Individual players get fewer experience points if their team loses a match, too.

    Kikizo single player write-up here if anyone's interested.
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