#3470768, By quezcatol Interview with Silicon Knights about Too Human

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    Bloodkult wrote:
    If the game is shit, we deserve to know, it's our fucking cash that'll be getting spent.

    Too Human gets some more bad press. Boo fucking hoo, make a better game next time you tards.

    Team Piro

    Yes we do,thats why reviews are coming when we are close to release date,stop defending piracy and other illegal activities.

    or mayby you defend pirates and say,well hey they give me feedback!!! oh lol yeah right,like you cant wait a week or two?
    Are you 10?

    Its not about Too Human getting bad press,I couldnt care less I want IU way more then Too Human,and im getting a ps3 instead in August,its about these people who needs to keep their mouth shut when they dont have the right to talk about products they shouldnt have.

    OH LOOK AT ME I GOT CRYIS 2 weeks before YAY PIRACY!!! YAY!!! and then brags about it .
    They should be banned,and thats it.
    Ppl wonder why pc games are getting fucked,and then we have mods who even does this shit... lol
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