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    I think killkillion hitted the nail on the head.


    This thread is so predictable! How about waiting until the game is actually out before judging? I would take any forum mod's comments with a grain of salt and comments such as his REEK of putrid fanboyism. Seriously, INTELLIGENT poeple know how to be constructive and the quotes from the mod that apparently played Too Human are quote unprofessional.

    Let's begin:

    "The NDA is against my human rights after the amount of mental anguish having to play this POS has caused me, so I’m going to speak out and warn you all to cancel pre-orders while you still can."

    Looks like pure subjectivity. The worst game you have played in the last 5 years? I seriously doubt it. What games have you played? This tells me nothing except that you lack the skill to explain the problems thoughtfully.

    "Seriously, finished it in two sittings. Two sittings of repetitive combat, painful story and graphics which wouldn’t of looked out of place on a last-gen machine."
    Two sittings? How long were those sittings? How did you play? What level were you when you finished and had you unlocked even half of what there is to be unlocked in the game? Why is the story painful? Because you didn't like it? Well welcome to your subjective opinion. Many other commentators have praised the story emmensely. Just goes to show how subjective things can be. And WHY exactly wouldn't it have looked out of place last generation? From what I can see, no previous gen console would have a hope of gettingt anywhere near this game's graphical level. I am not sure what you mean. Again you show only that you lack the ability to explain yourself constructively and instead go for vague exclamations that really, could mean anything.

    "And don’t get me started on the animations, which I can only describe as being done by somebody reading a copy of ‘keyframe for dummies!’"
    Well actually we would LOVE you to get started on it because you you haven't told us anything really at all. What does your comment mean. If you aren't able to describe the problem, then is there really a problem? Again you go to extremes, which is typical for an unproffessional and forum/blogger. I guess you have never seen what animation from a "Keyframes for Dummies" reader looks like. No matter how stiff Too Human may move, it isn't like that. So again with the vague exclamations designed to distract people from realising that you haven't really said anything.

    "Silicon Knights… what happened? I really don’t have the words to describe how bad this game is in almost every area. "
    I guess you got that ticket to "Vague-world" and decided to stay! What exactly do you mean? It seems to me that you don't actually know and if you do, you certainly lack the ability to communicate it. The game is bad in "almost every area"? What areas are they exactly? How do you define bad anyway?
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