#1367204, By Hanafunda 1st Eurogamer Poker challenge - Tuesday 9th May @ 7:30 BST

  • Hanafunda 9 May 2006 19:55:38 361 posts
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    Why are people so obsessed with teusday :( Ican't access the computer late at night unless I move it which takes ages cause of the connections. I'm willing to be knacked in the morning, I would make a few sacrifices but I can't do it everyday.

    I'm just blowing steam I think teusday is quite a novelty Idea (cept when champo league clahes there is nothing to do cept p0rn)

    Hoping to get a Mac for my Bedroom soon as I get the cash.

    (assuming that the software works)

    I think that keeping the same date continuous will be better in terms of business and getting more freebies.
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