#124276, By frantyk What's on your HD?

  • frantyk 27 Aug 2003 21:13:51 65 posts
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    Hesuse ,,Dirtbox,thats an immense listing,
    I will be clearing one of theese lucky games to make way for Homeworld 2 in a week or 2 ..but which one? answers
    on a SAE:
    Pj64 - a few n64 titles
    Quake2 - play co-op on "my home lan with next door neighbour"
    Never Winter Nights - Top contender for Erasal(is that a word?)too D&Dragons
    GTA3-VC Purely for MTA-MULTIPLAYER!!! and mp roxx0rz
    Raven SHield - New and improved since the last patch,'cept for the insanely ESP'ed A.I.
    WC3 - hero games only
    Soldat - 2d CS,, really good fun

    Diablo 2
    Morrowind - gathering cobwebs
    Battlefield '42 +DC +Galactic Civilisations (which isnt that good)..
    CS 1.5 and steam 1.6 is there too

    not a bad list at all- but what to delete?
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