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    Nobody's mentioned Startopia yet?

    *Shakes head and tisks*


    Made by Mucky Foot. A british developer sadly gone out of business, but not before creating this humorous gem of a game.

    Think sims in space meets tropico, theme hospital and dungeon keeper.

    Antfarm, tabletop empire building game about a donut shaped space station, consisting out of a utility, entertainment and biodome level. You need to pop down buildings on each, to entertain and maintain a steady stream of alien visitors, who can be hired to perform special jobs on your station. Healthcare, garbage disposal, sex & love, farming, crime & security, commerce, religion and tourism.

    Build colorful promenades, watch hundreds of them visit concubines, perform malpractice, get arrested, turn to religion, meandar through your biodome meadows only to get eaten by a massive space monster. See them chat eachother up, goof off, take so much time at the loo others bang on the door, go out for lunch and splurge on trinkets your own industry build. Deal with epedemics, armed takeovers from competitors and infectious kittens called meemus.

    The game has lost support and it's a bit buggy A.I. wise, but it's worth it for the incredible detail and humor.
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