#1370164, By Haver Wii graphics - your thoughts?

  • Haver 10 May 2006 17:56:21 3 posts
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    What scares me about the Nintendo attitude is the tangents they so readily shoot off at. I don't think this radicalism will pay off in the same way that it did with the DS. Home consoles have a very different demographic, and have their own, very different context--it isn't just about picking it up and playing for fifteen minutes. We don't need to work in absolutes to innovate, take Half Life 2 for example, and you don't have to choose one thing over another to usher in exciting new ways to play. Visuals are essential to the gameplay experience--atmospheres make and break games--even if they're not ultra-realistic, and so I think it's a mistake to maintain this ethic of perceived 'gameplay' over graphics.

    And so I'm left with the conclusion that I'm going to have to play on two different platforms if I am to maintain a wholesome video game lifestyle that satisfies me when I want to waste away half an hour, and that too satisfies me when I want to play long and hard.
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