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    Well! Just put a few hours in and so far I'm liking it a lot, showing potential to be a true classic. Keep flipping between 576i@50 and 480i@60 and can't make my mind up? Looks better with the extra lines but I think I had a bit of slow down.

    Game does look lovely though, typical Mario/Nintendo design taken that bit further. Definitely another game alongside, in fact possible in front of, Metroid Prime 3 to show other devs they need to pull their finger out.

    Loving the orchestrated sound track and the usual SFX are all in there and sounding better than ever.

    Just done up to the end of the first observatory and have to force my self to turn it of as I'm getting tired and want to enjoy it when a bit more with it.

    If you love Mario you have to get this game, even if you don't it's worth a look. Only the most hardened Mario hater would want to stay away.

    And for those that where on a total media blackout on this, do not read the manual before playing. Well maybe some of the controls if you need to but it basically lists the power ups etc that you might not want spoiled. I know I wish I hadn't flicked through it.

    This and Crysis on the same day has been one of the best release days for ages. :D
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