#2816057, By AnotherMartin Super Mario Galaxy

  • AnotherMartin 17 Nov 2007 17:10:11 6,229 posts
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    36 stars in and it just keeps getting better! Forcing myself to take it slowly though and not rushing on to the next bit as soon as i can unlock it. Going to try and take a break for a bit as really don't want it to end.

    Just did one of the levels in the third observatory and the camera work is fantastic!

    Do seem to be finding it a bit too easy at the moment though. And what with some of the levels being a bit disjointed some of it just feels like your walking through demo levels as opposed to playing a proper challenging game.

    Some of the stars are over ridiculously quick and a lack of decent exploring or just running around. In many ways it seems to me less Mario 64 and more a bunch of 2D Mario levels done in 3D. Not a terrible thing mind. And I am liking the ? block galaxies and other bonus levels.

    Still really enjoying it all though and playing with a stupid grin on my face most of the time.
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