#2829952, By DanoFNG Super Mario Galaxy

  • DanoFNG 21 Nov 2007 22:09:27 335 posts
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    This is my first ever 3d mario :D

    I think it's amazing. The few faults I have found with the camera have done literally nothing to detach me from the game, and as many of you have mentioned the level design is simply fantastic. I find that I'm usually more than willing to go back to galaxies and properly explore every nook and cranny to find the extra (question mark and comet) stars, although I haven't bothered with ones that don't show up on the screen as there.

    When you guys say you've completed it, do you mean the 60 stars then boss battle, or all 120 stars? I've got 68 stars, seeing as I intend to get as much as possible before the final boss, and I find the difficulty is starting to go up a bit. Could be I'm just crap, though. :(
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