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    It is all pointless though and serves to remind you how shit the wii is and how terrible that control scheme is.  It also makes you lament Nintendos awful decision to go with such utter rubbish hardware meaning that the game can't fully exploit the quality of work and art that the developers put in.

    It's an excellent game, make no mistake, Unfortunately it's on an abortion of a console.
    Utter, utter nonsense.

    It controls beautifully with hardly any waggle, some of the levels are massive and they are all beautifully designed.

    It's quite possibly one of the best games I have ever played, and I mean that genuinely. It's at least in the top 10.
    It really isn't nonsense. You all seem to think I'm claiming something that I'm not.  It's a superb game,  I loved THE GAME. The wii is still shit and so is the wiimote and nunchuck. I don't see why you can't separate the two.

    Both galaxy games almost excuse the wii but not quite.
    Waggle is usually shit, pointing is fantastic. Such a shame that those awesome controller aren't made more use of.
    Pointing is Ok, where required, which wasn't much most of the time and I'd rather have a mouse for that tbh, it was certainly no better than one. Wiimote was satisfying for the likes of boomblox and a couple of others.

    I'm sure there were genuine uses that would have been fun but no developer ever really tapped in, even Nintendo. I thereby surmise that it was mostly a very bad idea; at the very least certainly a poorly implemented and never really utilised one.
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