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    I read a few questions in this thread that I was interested in finding out about myself. Since the answers didn't seem to be readily available anywhere I asked Ubi and here's what they said:

    Is the Japanese version of the game bilingual? Can you choose an English language option in the Japanese version?
    The game is in English, but Japanese subtitles will be available as well.

    Does the game support 1080i?
    While it should look top notch in 720p, Haze does not support 1080i.

    Is there split screen co-op for the competitive online multiplayer?
    In short, yes.

    Can you use the rocket launcher in multiplayer?
    You certainly can use the rocket launcher in multiplayer. It wouldn’t be as much fun otherwise!

    Is there an online ranking system?
    Indeed there is, you’ll be able to complete with your friends for a higher spot on the leaderboard than them.

    Hope that's of use to those who were asking.
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