#125483, By frantyk but is it moral?

  • frantyk 31 Aug 2003 02:13:48 65 posts
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    Pir@cy - circumstantially moral
    picture this a kid, cant afford to buy software - uses the internet for a while and realises that he can get any software he wants with out having to pay license fee's for it or without buying a serial.. the kid learns this new software and thusly gets a job as a computer artist(he got a pir@te copy of 3DM4x and ph0t0sh0p) is he still wrong?
    its a vicious, impenetrable circle
    you have no money or means, you cant get teh software, you cant learn it, you cant know you need it, there fore you cant buy it.
    ok theres a trial version but you ain't learnin nothing in 7 days! certainly not enough to get a job off!

    i dont propose any solution - just interested in others views on this,
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