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  • RabidMonkey 20 May 2006 20:59:46 691 posts
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    JammyB wrote:
    Metroid Prime 2 before 1? Would that work out ok if I go back to the first and it's missing features of the 2nd, and the story?

    I'm really tempted by Ninja Gaiden but I've heard how hard it is. I suppose I'll play through the first time on easy.
    In my opinion, the first Metroid Prime is far better than the second. Sure, the sequel does have more features and items than the first, but most of these either feel tacked on (the light/dark worlds) or upset the flow of the game (the grapple beam). I also believe that the sequel looks noticeably worse than the first with the exception of the jazzed up HUD.

    As for Ninja Gaiden, I'm sorry to break it to you but it doesn't have an easy mode (unless you have Black), just the default difficulty and then a harder one upon completion.
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