#1397066, By GI-Joel Are we really getting next gen games atm?

  • GI-Joel 21 May 2006 20:31:32 134 posts
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    SlackMaster wrote:
    There are some pretty impressive games coming late this year and in 2007 but is anyone else not impressed with the crop of supposed next gen titles out atm and in the next few months.

    Oblivion and GRAW look fantastic but everything else just looks like souped up last gen titles especially the multiformat releases.

    At 50 a game I resent having to pay for a 360 game when I could get the xbox version for 29 with only slight differences in visuals.

    I've been looking forward to get Hitman Blood money but at 50 I might just get the xbox version a month or two after release when it has dropped to 19.99

    This thread I started might help you understand whats happening with pc and xbox 360 in the near future.


    seems quite ironic that when ps3 gets launched vista will be launched. Calgon is very clued up..........
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