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  • Kotano 24 May 2006 13:53:01 63 posts
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    EuroTV wrote:
    How long did your xbox work before it died?

    I'm worried because I saw one red light today, and something saying contact microsft. I turned it off and on and it's working fine, so hopefully just a small glitch. Been playing it a hell of a lot over the past two months, and has given me very little grief so far. My precious achievement points and save! I can't lose them.

    Glad everything has worked out for you though.

    I only got the red lights at the very end, when it wouldn't even load the start up 360 logo without freezing and pixelating. I had been playing a lot of Oblivion lately and it's been crashing quite a lot during that.
    I was praying that my saves and downloads would still be there too - not sure i could face ploughing all those hours back into Oblivion again!

    Fingers crossed yours is fine.
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