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    peterfll wrote:
    Contrary to many-a-rumour Plasma's don't burnout after a couple of years. They are supposed to last many tens of thousands of hours of use, and should happily last as long as anyone would expect them to.

    In one of our studios here at work we have a LG 42" plasma. We bought it back in the summer of 2002, and it's been working flawlessly ever since. We mix sound to picture, so on a heavy week the screen will be on for around 70 hours... It's still looking, well, it looks as it looked when we bought it: average. But in SD it's perfect (HD Ready was'nt the dogs bollocks back then), and any ghosting from a still image will be gone a few hours after the thing is turned back on with a new moving image (as in burn-in my ass).

    We'll be upgrading that one with a newer generation screen sometime soon. I suppose the new one will be better for gaming (yes we do XBOX LAN parties at work...).

    Also for those who dont know yet: manufacturers of plasma and LCD screens (not the TV set, the actual screen component) are very few. Basically LG and Samsung make the screens for most of the other brands, including the no-name stuff you can buy at the local hypermarket. What changes it the electronics that feed the info to the screen and do some very important things like Analog to Digital conversion, upscaling, and downscaling. That can change totally how a set displays the picture.

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