#1420959, By BEAR-ONE i just got my x360 running in HD...

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    DrDamn wrote:You make that comment about burn-in as if that's acceptable from a gamer perspective. Having part of the image still there when you switch games for "a few hours" isn't really is it. However, burn-in reduction technology is greatly improved in recent years.

    Mmmmmmmmmmhh sorry if I mislead you. Burn in is not acceptable in any case. But then when you do have temporary burn in on a plasma screen it's better than the screen being f*'d for ever is'nt it? I use the screen for professionnal purposes, and it's never good to have yesterday's program burned into the darker regions of the pic when you're working on a new program.

    Burn in is EEEEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!


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