#1412797, By Quelle Bugs Bunny is a RACIST

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    Xerx3s wrote:
    Quelle wrote:
    Dire wrote:
    Quelle I hope one day a /group/ of these people you hate so much actually comes to your aid and somehow may ignite some spark of intelligence in you so that you may actually think about the stuff you spout from your mouth.

    This thread has really but my mood on a downer.

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    quote when i said i hate anyone.

    Do you actually read what you post? I suggest that you read your own posts because im not gonna spam your racist crap again. Troll.

    The Old Bill wrote:
    Quelle wrote:
    Xerx3s wrote:
    Lemme guess, your a yank.
    born and raised in england.
    Americans do not always = dickheads, you know. :\

    Sorry, had some very bad experiences with them on live. Same behaviour as quelle. Kinda put me off.

    "YOU SUCK YOU ******* ****** ******** *****"
    "But my score beats yours.."
    "Fucked ya motha!"


    I know that not all yanks are bad, its just that there are some fucks who give the rest a bad name. My bad.

    when ever have i said anything insulting on here? you read what you want to read not what i actually type.
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