#1412144, By Quelle I noticed alot of people on this site don't like rap music, why is that?

  • Quelle 27 May 2006 22:16:19 311 posts
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    Xerx3s wrote:
    Quelle wrote:
    The biggest selling music genre, and so much of you on this site would rather listen to guitars accompanied by screaming and head banging.

    Rap = Chav. They all think that they look 'cool', but in reality, they look like idiots and the rest of the world is having a laugh at their expence.

    And besides, why on earth would i wanna listen to some bloke about how much money he has, how big his ego is or how low he thinks of women.

    I used to like rap when it was still rap, but all this macho bs is really sad.

    smoothpete wrote:
    Shakespeare was a rapper

    Yeh, but shakespear was actually cool and contributed something to the human race, unlike ppl like 50cent (wtf is that for a silly name? Is he so bad that hes only worth 50 cents?)

    Dont get me wrong, i like all music. Ranging from RammStein to bach. However, im not interested in listening to some twat on steroids yelling 'bitch', 'Hoo', 'fuck' or 'slut' in me ears every 5 secs just because his brain capacity isnt big enough for more words.

    what rap do you people listen to that only talks about money and women?


    why don't you like these people?
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