#1412790, By Quelle I noticed alot of people on this site don't like rap music, why is that?

  • Quelle 28 May 2006 13:54:42 311 posts
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    DaveT wrote:
    I dislike rap because it's always about the lyrics. Personally (and as can be told by the huge collection of instruments I have/can play) I like the music to be not only about the lyrics. And there's limited emotions one can put over in a rapping style. On;y the very best rappers can communicate anything other than anger, and even then they don't do it as well as people who actually sing.

    I think my view is summed up by the boy at school who did a presentation on rap (He loves rap so much, don't get me wrong) "Rap is not music, it's something else entirely. It has features common with music, but it's not music".
    are you serious?

    changes by 2pac, listen to that i don't even like 2pac but listen to that one song n tell me about emotions in rap.

    rap is not just about lyrics. theres many sub-genres of rap, eastcoast, westcoast, southern, crunk, hyphie, etc. all of which are diffrent. and alot of rap music is more about the beats and instruments. kanyes west's last album relied heavily on his orchestra.
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