#1412793, By Quelle I noticed alot of people on this site don't like rap music, why is that?

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    Kolmar wrote:
    Gremmi wrote:
    Kolmar wrote:
    How does it being rhythmic and spoken make it rap? Are limericks rap? Are nursery rhymes rap?

    Probably because Rap stands for Rhythm And Poetry.
    You've ignored the last part of the post; what I mean is, doesn't it take more than that? I mean "rhythm and poetry" is a stupid thing way to define it because poetry already has rhythm, calling it rhythm and poetry is just calling it poetry. That's why I included those other examples - they're both rythmic and spoken-word aren't they? No-one would consider them rap though. Poetry to music might be closer to a definition, which makes me wonder where people's Shakespeare analogy comes from?

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    who on earth told you it stood for rhythm and poetry.
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