#1416537, By BEAR-ONE Pink Floyd....a bit boring

  • BEAR-ONE 30 May 2006 10:39:55 77 posts
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    To each his own my friends... I'm a big PF fan. Have been for years. I'm lucky enough to have seen them on stage 4 times and every time was awesome. But then as I said, I'm a fan.

    Not all of their stuff is good of course, and people's preferred song can be very different from one PF afficionado to the next.

    But saying that Dark Side of the Moon is just irritating noise (to you), is like me saying that most modern electronic music is crap. It's a personal opinion to which we are all entitled. But I've learned to express it in a different way, by adding that it's not to my taste (or just saying that it's crap... depends on the mood ;) ).

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