#1423012, By Quelle The first EG Table Tennis Tourny

  • Quelle 1 Jun 2006 19:01:11 311 posts
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    Mapster wrote:
    Quelle wrote:
    catterz wrote:
    Quelle wrote:
    bend the rules, i didnt post my gamertag because i was at work.
    Why couldn't you just say that at the time? I've been hard at work all day, but still found the time (mainly lunch) to organise this tourny, nay Championship!
    cause what other reason would i have not to respond.

    Why cant' you post your tag while at work? you found the time to respond to several posts, and create a whole new thread.

    You STILL haven't posted your tag btw


    are you people blind, ive posted it, people from this site have added me since ive posted it.
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