#6921180, By Picnic Metroid Prime, OMFG!

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    The fact that it has a sci-fi setting put me off to start with as I hate all the sci-fi cliches. But Metroid Prime endeared itself to me for a number of reasons. 1) It was on the Gamecube. Nintendo bring a certain guarantee to their games that it will be a proper adventure, not just sci-fi showboating. 2) The morph ball quickly showed to me that this game was not just going to be ponderous (even though backtracking can be ponderous)- it could be fluid as well. 3) I doubt that I would have gained much pleasure from playing the SNES games as there many more platformers to play on the SNES and Megadrive but it became apparent that this was a game that was serious about platforming elements too which is great as it is my favourite genre. 4) It used classic platforming themes too like fire and ice worlds. 5) The music was beautiful. 6) Isolation rather than tacked on characters.
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