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    Khanivor wrote:
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    NBZ wrote:
    Except no one other than that IDF spokepeople have claimed this. Not even the journalists - not even after leaving Gaza (which was an IDF position that they were being threatened...).

    This is bloodlibel that is being spread. "only if those in Gaza loved their children..."
    If you take human shield as being literal, then perhaps. I'm more referring to them putting weaponry in densely populated areas and next to/inside structures which will generate maximum outrage or refusing to allow civilians to leave areas targeted for IDF bombardment.
    They have been allowed to leave. There was an occasion where there was a statement asking people to remain indoors. That was not an order or any force used and based on the fact that there was no safe place in Gaza.

    If you look at the biggest cases of loss of life it has been when Israel asked people to leave an area and then started shooting with people still in the streets leaving the area.

    Shujaiyah, Rafah, Khuzaa all had people lying in the streets because they had left their houses.

    These people that are being asked to flee once before fled from their villages in Ashdod/Isdud and other places that they can see from their current refugee camps never to be allowed to return, so its understandable why tney would not want to leave - especially as Israel has not expanded its cordon into Gaza from 11/2 or 1 mile to 3 miles (of a 7 mile wide strip, making 44% no mans land) and had everyone fled, they would not be allowed back into those regions.

    Khanivor wrote:It's not bloodlibel, it's something going on in this war.
    It is vlaming the victims of over 70 years of occupation for their misery and their deaths. It is blood libel.

    Khanivor wrote:
    What I'm trying to get at is this whole painting one side as evil and the other as bad but made that way is deceptive and counter-productive.
    I disagree. The occupation has gone long enough and by being middle of the road road "there are bad people on both sides", all we have done is enable Israel.

    Worse, this argument has become hujacked by zionists since 2009 and the polling carried out to defend Israeli positions and while it is often portrayed as neutral, it rarely is.
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