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    @Mola-Ram - Hamas as the resistance movement/military wing represent all Gazans.

    As the elected government, they didn't. However they have given that up to form a unity government (which was the reason why Netanyahu decided to attack.)

    Not on this side but I have seen the online discourse where the defence presented by hasbara shills has been "but look at Hamas". That has always been to distract and take attention away from what is happening. Hamas is a reaction to decades of occupation and if the occupation goes away, then it can be criticised, or before then during the brutal occupation by Gazans only.

    Yet the people I hear complaining about Hamas are not from Gaza. I hear plenty of Israelis calling for the liberation of Gaza from Hamas but none of the same voices from Gaza.

    @Loadstone007 - without quoting I have no idea that you are referring to. If you are referring to some statement from some individual from israeli government, then there has been more than one voice calling for genocide, concentration camps and forcible removal of all Palestinians from gaza.

    There was even a government member of the knesset who pronounced that the mothers and women should be targeted because their children will grow u to be terrorists, so better kill them before they are born.

    If you are talking about soldiers deliberately killing kids and civilians, its not a one off and often the action of the murdered has been signed off by his superior officer.

    (There is also evidence emerging of Israel deliberately attacking medical workers... which could be one reason for disproportionate death rate for young adult males.)
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