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    glaeken wrote:
    So for those of us that don't have the full game yet how do the difficulty levels change the game? Are we just talking everything just has higher health levels or does it actually effect enemy behaviour?

    It's mostly just a case of more of them, more accuracy and your health dropping much faster as far as I can tell - but that sounds negative and it isn't, it really does make for a much better experience IMO. The generals are ridiculously difficult to kill though - I just grabbed another 30 mins over lunch and managed to take out my first general (Juan Martinez) on "psychotic" and it took a full loading of rockets + some grenades and kicking to take him out. Nice though - I knocked him off his rooftop hideaway with a couple of rockets and then he fell to the streets where he continued to fight. I had time to nip into the local supply point and reload my ammo before continuing the assault at street level. Superb!
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