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    Ka-blamo wrote:
    LawrenceArms wrote:
    Billy_sastard wrote:
    Check out the prick at the end of the video.

    Watch it all though for the lols.

    Wow. Check out the unbelievable level of racism in the comments section. EDL, KKK everyone gets a say. Quite surprising YouTube let it slide.

    It seems like all the racists are trying to out dickhead each other......not pleasant reading.

    I agree. I mean man the guy is a COMPLETE cock, what does he think taking his top off makes him 50% harder or something? LULZ.

    But it could just as easy be a white dude couldn't it.. :/

    In other news.. Check this video about Anonymous but it's so funny for how substantially misreported it clearly now is after the passing of time. Best bit '..and bought a dog!" Ahahahah
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