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    Pretty much mirroring what others have said. Diet is key. I used to have to lose weight for boxing. Cut down on the booze, especially the midweek drinking. You don't have to give it up completely, but if you are having nights out stick to shorts - whiskey and ice, gin and slim if you aren't man enough for straight up spirits (and don't mind being rinsed by your mates).

    Try and get exercise in your life, join a gym. If you hate the gym try and get a buddy to go with, if you have no buddies just find a sport or an activity you like or that fits in with your life - walk a bit of the way to work, try and get your mates to play five a side, that kind of thing.

    Diet, just cut out all the shit. There's an interesting guy called Art Devaney, google his diet plans. It's not as new fangled and hippy as some are, basically just cut out carbs. Eat lots of salds and greens, if you do this you don't have to cut down on your portions too much. Cut out all the snacks and chocolate. try making yourself a salad for work, you'll save a bit of coin and it stops you eating fat boy sandwiches and other shite from the office canteen. The tip with eating is little and often, snack on fruits when you get hungry.

    I was at Uni and was sat at a desk all day and still lost weight, so don't worry that you have a sedentary job, you can still lose weight and keep it off.

    Essentially what I want to say is losing weight can be real easy. You have to make a bit of an effort cooking proper meals, and stop midweek boozing but you can still eat nice food, still go out on the pop with the mates, still find a way of exercising which isn't a ball ache. And I promise you will feel better, your energy levels will go through the roof and you will feel a lot happier with the way you look. Do it, the small minuses are no contest for how much better you will feel, and it's pretty easy if you do it right.

    I wrote much of this in the exercise and weight loss thread, and there are lots of guys who post in there who know infinitely more than me who can help out. Good luck.
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